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            Sugar Plant & Machinery
            Open Cast Mining & Bulk Material Handling

            Pyroprocessing Systems

            Pyro-processing systems offered to the minerals industry include drying, preheating and cooling powdery and lumpy bulk materials, pre-reducing of ores, direct reducing of ores, calcining and burning lime, dolomite, magnesite, gypsum, clay, alumina, bauxite, kaolin, titanium oxide, soda, chrome ore, phosphate, metallic hydroxides, chemical products, coke, coal and oil shale, sintering magnesite and dolomite, processing metallurgical residues, nickel ore dusts, substitute raw materials, plumbic raw materials, red mud products and manufacturing expanded clay and flooring plaster.

            Lime burning


            Rotary Kilns

            Single stage cyclone systems

            Multistage cyclone systems

            High Temperature Technology

            Additional systems