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            Sugar Plant & Machinery
            Open Cast Mining & Bulk Material Handling

            Cane Fibrizer & Cane Shredder

            Heavy Duty Cane Fibrizer and Cane Shredder

            • Cane preparation index between 86 to 92%.
            • Increase in throughput capacity of plant.
            • Adjustable anvil.
            • Specially designed rotor discs to avoid shocks.
            • Hammers are provided with hard facing or with replaceable tips (domite or carbide).
            • Swing hammer - the hammers are hinged on rotor disc with stainless steel axle and engineering plastic bushes.
            • Rotor assembly supported on heavy duty double row spherical roller bearing and housed in solid cast steel plummer blocks with water cooling jacket.
            • Bearing lubrication - grease / forced lubrication system.
            • Anvil.
              • Pocketed type or replaceable grid bar type.
              • Wrap Angle – 140 to 160 Deg (for fibrizer) and 90 deg (for shredder*).
              • *Shredder anvil assembly are provided with wide, deep pockets formed by grid bars. Cushion of compacted fibre builds up and shredding takes place apparently - "Self-setting" layer i.e. concept of shredding cane on cane. This greatly reduces wear on the grid bars. Grid bars can be quickly reversed to renew the edge or easily exchanged.

            • Hydraulically operated "hammer exchange device" can be provided for quick exchange of hammers (Optional)