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            Sugar Plant & Machinery
            Open Cast Mining & Bulk Material Handling

            Three Roller Mill with Under Feed Roller


            • Robust heavy-duty design for improved rigidity and stability to handle higher throughput.
            • Pin-type construction makes it easy to assemble and dismantle.
            • The side cap provides a platform for rapid emergency maintenance.
            • Pin bores in headstocks are fitted with hardened and ground steel bushes.
            • Lower mill apex angle, of the range of 72 to 75 deg.
            • The under feed roller rest directly on the main mill housing and is provided with bolting and locking arrangement to allow close setting.
            • Vertical and horizontal mill setting is possible by inserting machined packing plates and specially designed bearing housing.
            • Removable gunmetal wear plate on feed side as well as discharge side with lubricating arrangement for top roller bearings and wearing plates.
            • Headstock has provision for installing pressure feeder.
            • Scrapers for top and discharge rollers are provided with renewable cast iron tips for easy replacement.
            • Underfeed roller shall be provided as grooved or toothed type.
            • Product range: Standard mill sizes

            • 20 inch x 40 inch
            • 30 inch x 60 inch
            • 33 inch x 66 inch
            • 36 inch x 78 inch
            • 40 inch x 80 inch
            • 42 inch x 84 inch
            • 45 inch x 90 inch
            • 50 inch x 100 inch
            • OR any intermediate and custom sized mill