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            Sugar Plant & Machinery
            Open Cast Mining & Bulk Material Handling


            Vertical Crystalliser (Water Cooled)

            Mono / Twin Type Vertical Crystalliser

            • Compact layout, self-supporting and ease in operation.
            • Effective stirring arrangement.
            • Continuous smooth and uninterrupted flow of massecuite.
            • High heat transfer coefficient and low temperature difference between massecuite and water.
            • Appropriate hydrostatic differential pressure.
            • Uniform gradient for cooling and heating.
            • Large cooling area.
            • Easy adjustment of cooling, heating and maturation zones possible.
            • Multi-point temperature indication system.
            • Maximum exhaustion of massecuite by control of massecuite shear rate and cooling.
            • Building - up of uniform crystals.
            • Multi riser pipe with hot water jacket.
            • Option of planetary drive.

            Product Range – Mono type or twin type of suitable capacity to the process requirement.