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            Sugar Plant & Machinery
            Open Cast Mining & Bulk Material Handling

            Vertical Continuous Pan (tkVCP)

            • High efficiency due to all stages being performed in more vessels.
            • Improvement in product quality due to reduction in conglomerate and false grain formation.
            • Provision of by-passing any cell in the event of maintenance. Entire unit need not be halted.
            • Low energy consumption.
            • High purity syrup is easy to process.
            • Incrustation doesn't occur since cells are vertically arranged.
            • No mixing of massecuite from one cell to other. Therefore, good yield.
            • Less floor space required.
            • All cells are provided with mechanical circulator and get added advantage of improved circulation.
            • Fully automatic operation.

            Range – Custom made solution to handle A, B & C massecuite.