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            Sugar Plant & Machinery
            Open Cast Mining & Bulk Material Handling

            Juice Heater


            • High velocity vertical tubular juice heater.
            • Dynamic type tubular juice heater.
            • Vapour line tubular juice heater.
            • Condensate tubular juice heater.
            • Duplex juice heaters.
            • Direct contact juice heaters.

            Tubular Juice Heater

          2. Multi-circulation compartments.
          3. Efficient distribution of steam.
          4. Cover plates provided with balancing device for ease in opening.
          5. Leak proof passes for higher efficiency.
          6. Interchangeability of operation.
          7. Positive removal of condensate and noxious gases.
          8. Adequate venting.
          9. Direct Contact Juice Heater

            • Counter flow type.
            • Heating medium can be with bled vapours.
            • Suitable for heating with low pressure and temperature vapours.
            • Operation can be atomized.
            • Can be operated at pressure and under vacuum.

            Combination of juice heaters and bleeding scheme is selected to achieve steam consumption at 32% and lower.