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            “We create value for our customers throughout the life cycle of their plant"




            Parts Supply & Management

            Timely availability of genuine and quality spare parts is essential for an operating plant’s uptime, productivity & performance.

            At tkII, we strive to proactively ensure availability of the apt spares at customers’ plants at all times.

            We are also focussed on innovative solutions aimed at reducing downtimes and improving plant performance. Spare parts are a crucial component of this endeavour.

            With years of experience with inspections, evaluations, troubleshooting, our specialists closely study the equipment and parts behaviour under actual duty conditions and develop enhanced propositions, harnessing latest technological developments, which are also imbibed in the spare parts supplied for already supplied equipment, from time to time. This enables the existing operating equipment to derive benefits from the continuous product improvement program.

            MHE Spares- Pinion Shaft Assembly
            MHE Spares- Ring Granulator Segment
            MHE Spares- Pulley with Lagging
            MHE Spares- Bogie Wheels
            MHE Spares- Crusher Rotor
            Cement Spares- Polycom with Shaft
            Cement Spares- Support Roller
            Cement Spares- Polycom Roller
            Cement Spares- Flap valve
            Cement Spares- Kiln Tyre Shell
            Cement Spares- Burner Tip
            Cement Spares- Dynamic Separator Rotating Assembly
            Boiler Spares- PA Nozzles
            Boiler Spares- Spray Attemperator
            Boiler Spares- Thermal Expansion Bellow (Metallic)
            Boiler Spares- Thermal Expansion Bellow
            Sugar Spares- Mill Headstock
            Sugar Spares- Shredder Hammer Tip
            Sugar Spares- Shredder Rotor Assembly
            Sugar Spares- Chopper

            The parts supply and management segment caters to equipment in cement plants, boilers and power plants, open cast mining and bulk material handling and sugar plants.