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            “We create value for our customers throughout the life cycle of their plant"




            Revamps & Refurbishments

            Operating units are subjected to numerous changes that are triggered by a variety of factors. Consequently, over a period of time, the compounded effect hampers performance, reliability, availability and profitability of the unit, resulting in an under-performing asset.

            An appropriate revamp or rejuvenation program bridges such gaps between initial, present and future performance, using optimal resources & time.

            At tkII, we adopt a total solutions approach from concept to implementation by a combination of innovative engineering, quality deliverables and time-bound execution, to ensure that the unit is revitalized for decades to come.

            Because of continuous operation, plants generally decrease in their efficiency- subsequently reducing the profit for the plant owners. To counter this effect and to make our customers more profitable, we provide innovative engineering solutions with cutting-edge technology.

            MHE Rejuvenation- Bucket Wheel Excavator-(Before)
            MHE Rejuvenation- Bucket Wheel Excavator (After)
            Boiler Rejuvenation- Bagasse Extractor (Before)
            Boiler Rejuvenation- Bagasse Extractor (After)
            Cement Rejuvenation- Girth Gear Replacement

            With the aid of state-of-the-art technology, we can achieve the following:

            • Capacity restoration/ enhancement
            • Relocation, redesign and reconstruction
            • Efficiency restoration and upgrade
            • Low/ ultra low NOx, SOx and SPM solutions
            • Eliminate production bottlenecks (debottlenecking)
            • Instrumentation and control system upgrade
            • Reconfiguration for alternative fuel(s)
            • Fuel system/ firing technology upgrade

            At tkII, we provide revamps and refurbishments for cement plants, mining units, boilers and power plants, etc.